Weekly Criminal Justice Reform Opportunities in Georgia

In the 2022 legislative session, join us for our virtual Talk Justice Tuesday series to discuss the issues and solutions that are important to communities impacted by criminal legal systems and identify strategies for moving forward. We’ll dive deep into specific criminal legal policy questions, and hear from community members, advocates, and lawmakers about opportunities for reform in 2022 and beyond.

Join us each Tuesday at 9:30 am on Zoom or Facebook!

February 1 - Restoring Voting Rights
Georgia has more people under correctional control, and in the past decade, has removed more people from voter lists due to a felony conviction, than any other state. Join us to learn what Georgians can do to protect voters' rights and to end the practice of taxation without representation.Register
February 8 - Protecting Children's Rights
Learn more about opportunities for juvenile justice reform in Georgia -- from raising the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to ending juvenile life without parole -- and how you can support advocacy efforts.Register
February 15 - Removing Barriers to Reentry
Learn about existing support and gaps in resources for successful reentry and community reintegration. How do we assess the needs of the whole person when addressing the multiple challenges of reentry? Hear from people who have successfully navigated reentry and from housing, employment and reentry advocates who address the unique challenges and opportunities in reentry work.Register
March 1 - Repealing the Death Penalty
Learn more about why Georgia should end capitol punishment.Register
March 8 -Remedying Prison Conditions
Learn what Georgia's lawmakers can do to eliminate inhumane conditions in prisons and strengthen transparency and accountability.Register
March 15 - Money Over Justice - How Fines & Fees Trap Us All
Learn more about the impact of fines and fees in the criminal legal system and how lawmakers can end wealth-based detention and the criminalization of poverty.Register
March 22 - Strengthening Trust & Accountability
Learn more about improving transparency, accountability, and oversight of decisionmakers in the criminal legal system. Register
January 25 - Creating Public Safety, Leading with Data
We'll kick off our 2022 series with a conversation about what works and what doesn't work when it comes to safety in our communities.Missed this event? You can still watch it!
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