Who We Are

The Justice Reform Partnership
is a collective of organizations and
individuals interested in supporting criminal justice reform work in Georgia. We began as a grouping of five organizations working on statewide advocacy during the legislative session.

We now welcome over 90 statewide and local organizations working year-round on critical reform efforts.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe every Georgian should be treated with dignity and have the ability to thrive in safe and strong communities. We believe that Justice should advance public safety; be fair; transparent and respectful; and support restoration of people in their communities. We commit to creating a welcoming, safe, respectful environment of honest discussion, and a balanced process that provides an opportunity for resolution and mutual accountability.

Justice Day & Talk Justice Tuesday

To advance criminal justice reform in Georgia, the JRP designates legislative priorities, executes the annual Justice Day at the Capitol, and conducts community engagement efforts statewide. Justice Day offers everyday people the chance to learn about criminal legal reforms, build relationships, and advocate for change to elected officials, emphasizing the voices of those impacted by the system.

Additionally, Talk Justice Tuesday is a state legislative series focusing on discussing key issues and solutions relevant to communities affected by criminal legal systems. This series involves deep dives into specific policy questions and features insights from community members, advocates, and lawmakers about reform opportunities at both the State Capitol and within local communities.

Our Commitment to Formerly Incarcerated and Directly-Impacted People & Their Families

While addressing urgent issues in Georgia's criminal legal system, we recognize our responsibility to support the most impacted communities.

To that end, we agree to work together to disrupt systems that incarcerate rather than transform individuals by engaging in statewide and local policy advocacy, community organizing, education, outreach, and activities designed to empower people to participate in social change movements.

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