People released from prison often struggle to find safe housing and steady work, despite their own best efforts. Unable to meaningfully reintegrate into their communities, they may end up back in court and back in prison. Join us to discuss how lawmakers can promote the safety and wellbeing of individuals and communities by eliminating barriers to reentry.

The COVID-19 pandemic rages through our state prisons, exacerbating already dehumanizing conditions and endangering the lives of those inside and outside the facilities. Join us to discuss how state lawmakers can reduce the harm and trauma suffered by those incarcerated in Georgia’s prisons.

Extreme sentencing — from harsh sentences for minor offenses to mandatory minimums to the death penalty — is at the heart of mass incarceration, and despite popular belief, such sentences have little to no value in deterring criminal conduct. Moreover, the enforcement of these policies disproportionately impacts low-income communities and communities of color. Join us to learn how lawmakers can reduce Georgia’s overreliance on costly and ineffective punishments.

The way a person is treated after being arrested but before being tried or found guilty can dictate the outcome of their case as well as their life. Join us to discuss how lawmakers can eliminate wealth-based detention and improve opportunities for pre-trial diversion.

In 2020 alone, Georgia saw too often the devastating consequences of state-sanctioned racial violence at the hands of police and vigilante actors. Join us to discuss what state lawmakers can do to meaningfully reduce the harm caused by policing and prosecutorial actions.

Young people have an incredible capacity for growth and rehabilitation, and the best way to reduce juvenile misconduct is with evidence-based, supportive interventions. Join us to discuss how lawmakers can make Georgia safer by treating kids like kids.

Join us for our final Talk Justice Tuesday of 2021 to look back at what has been accomplished so far during the legislative session and what work is yet to be done to restore dignity to those impacted by the criminal legal system and build safer and healthier communities.

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